Project Name

Repair & Re-Calibration of Waste Water Analysis Equipment (Liquistation) for a Brewery


Due to intermittent breakdown of the client’s Waste Water Analysis equipment ( Endress +Hauser Liquistation) , used for measuring effluent properties ( pH, TDS, and other environment critical parameters), before release to the environment, client abandoned equipment and was saddled with the procurement of brand new equipment to avoid environmental damage and associated fines.

Greenpeg Engineering Value-Add

As a solution driven entity, our main aim is not to just always push the brown box to customers facing challenges, rather, we seek to see how we can help clients optimize their processes while also delivering measurable savings, and this case was not any different.
Greenpeg Analysis trained engineers came to the rescue and offered to help client revamp, maintain and re-calibrate these 2 units to deliver 50% cost savings as against purchasing brand new units or facing fines form regulatory bodies ( a cost which cannot be fully quantified)

Current Situation

Refurbished units are now in fully functional state, with maintenance plan created to help ensure customer does not face such challenges in the near future, while complying to environmental requirements for waste water release.

Local Brewer in SE/ SS Nigeria
August 5, 2019