We are delighted to invite you to our 10th Year Anniversary Seminar!

“Beyond Distribution” is a platform to appreciate your support in our ten years in business.
The event will also provide an opportunity to discuss your pain-points, identify ways which
we can better support you and share our plans for the years ahead.

You will also get the chance to chat with our OEM partners for other concerns that you may have.

We would appreciate your presence at the event.

Aim of the event

The aim of this event is to let our customers know that we offer other services beyond distribution. This include: projects, services, solutions and training.


To showcase our in-house capabilities

To hear directly from customers about their pain points.

To allow OEMs interact with customers and address some issues

To show customers what to expect from us in the coming year

Exhibition on:

Instrumentation Solutions

Automation Solutions

Pumping Illustration

Water treatment and analysis demonstration

Energy saving solution.