Service Overview

Over the years, we have trained, groomed and nurtured, with support from our OEM partners, a team of highly skilled, innovative and professional engineers.

They are available around the clock to support our various clients to reduce downtime and proffer solutions to improve process efficiency.

We are all about ``Value``

Over the years, we have proven to be the best procurement and service partner to our numerous clients across all industries due to the value we bring to their business.

  • Installation, commissioning, and verification of process instruments such as flow meters, pressure transmitters, level meters, pumps, and valves
  • Installation and commissioning of motors, drive, and gearboxes
  • Piping design, piping, lagging and line modification
  • Fabrication
  • Installation of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Pump, valve, electric motor, and gearboxes repairs
  • Condition monitoring: gas analysis, chromatography thermography, vibration, sound etc
  • Mechanical manpower supply services

Electrical and control panel design and building

Industrial electrical wiring

Earthing and lightning protection

Power audit

Electrical engineering manpower supply services

LV, MV and HV electrical power services

UPS and Inverter Solutions

Electric motor wiring

  • Tank gauging and overfill prevention system
  • Loading and offloading skids
  • Energy monitoring and management solutions
  • Inventory management solutions
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
  • Design and installation of lubrication system
  • Plant automation
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
  • Design and installation of lubrication system
  • Plant automation

We have over the years built a strong base in terms of personnel and other resources to deliver the best products, services and solutions to our clients across the region.

Our partnership and training cycles powered by the Endress + Hauser CH group leaves us your best local partner for sizing, application of instruments , as well designing systems of where necessary.

Greenpeg Engineering also provides calibration services for Temperature and Pressure instruments. We are poised to provide flow instruments calibration in the very near future through the use of a designed calibration rig for all flow instruments

Greenpeg Engineering provides Automation supports, spares replacement, and design to commission of DCS systems, SCADA and all related to Automation works for Factory and Processes.

Starting off as a distribution company with heavy focus on Industrial automation products distribution has helped us develop a strong application base to offer solutions on Industrial automation.

Delivering related services in the areas of factory, process and home automation therefore stays at the core of our business to support our clients across the region and industries.

Need Immediate help on fresh designs or intervention support, Greenpeg Services and Project Team are here to serve you around the clock – We are just a call away!

Greenpeg Engineering engages in the design to building and construction of all kinds of panels be it electrical and control for different applications, this also includes maintenance and Thermography analysis of panels for process safety.

Greenpeg Engineering capabilities  building technologies centers around :

  • Energy Management Systems
  • Fire Suppression,  Security Systems & Comfort / Automation
  • Water treatment , Sewage and Pumping Solutions

We provide the best solution and services as it center around liquid analysis for different areas in process and plants from as basic and product quality and color measurements to analysis of water and waste water in complex areas like effluent treatment either in industries or in the municipal settings for control setting , limits and data management for compliance.

Greenpeg Engineering engages all kinds of electrical services for industry and commercial settings to cover as little as cable laying to complex items as power quality management and fault finings and diagnosis.

Whatever you need to build form basic fabrication of pumping skids to high end fabrications to highest quality standards, Greenpeg takes pride in working with end-users for clear scope definitions to design and final construction of skids for varying applications across all areas of industry.

We are just an email away –