Based on the indepth knowledge of key brands, Greenpeg offers innovative solutions for the different industries which help to solve operational issues and result in subsequent cost savings. They include the following:

Energy Management Solutions

Our EMS solutions are based on the W.A.G.E.S concept (Water, Compressed Air, Gas, Electricity and Steam) and the optimization of production processes and Utilities to realize considerable cost savings through effective monitoring. Energy management starts with the installation of appropriate instrumentation to measure the usage of utilities within a process. The next step is to introduce a means of automatically collecting that data at regular time intervals. The final phase is to relay this information into our data analysis software that highlights patterns of energy usage, allowing you to set energy efficiency targets and identify areas of energy wastage.

We offer fully scalable and upgradeable energy monitoring systems for boilers & compressors to ensure the right metrics are measured and monitored such as boiler efficiency, compressor efficiency, filter monitoring (differential pressure concept), leakage/mass balancing. etc. Our systems are highly effective and are known to provide cost savings of up to 15% and with Return on Investment (ROI) in less than two years. We also offer consultancy services on energy audits and utility and also new cost saving measures such as compressor waste heat usage and recovery.

Flow metering solution

Whether the particular operation involves acustody transfer measuring system in the oil & gas, chemicals or foodsector, we guarantee maximum accuracy in all your loading processes. Our certified solutions ensure transparency for peace of mind in your daily business whilst reducing your costs 

Inventory Management Solutions 

Greenpeg offers Tank Gauging and Inventory Management Solutions for the automatic and remote monitoring of Diesel, Petrol, LPG and different oils in Tank farms, depots & terminals 

Loading & Offloading Solutions

Greenpeg offers Loading and Offloading Solutions for Diesel, Petrol, LPG and different oils in Tank farms, depots & terminals