Product Overview

GREENPEG ENGINEERING, as we are popularly known, has established strategic alliances with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) around the world and through our collaboration, we supply a range of products manufactured according to the highest industry standards. This gives us the advantage to be able to support our customers with their specific quality requirements and at the best competitive prices.

  • Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Stainless steel inserts
  • Stud, Bolts, and Nuts
  • Flange insulation kits, Gaskets, Specialist Gaskets
  • Clamp connectors, Strainers, Couplings, Condensate traps etc
  • Tubing, Hoses, Line pipes/OCTG
  • Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Choke, Shutdown, Control, Christmas tree, MOV, DBB-valves etc
  • Vent scrubbers, Sump pump skids, Instrument power gas skids, Metering skids, Closed drain skids
  • Fishing tools
  • Material handling equipment and spares
  • Flowmeters, Level meters, Pressure transmitters, Level switches etc
  • Drilling and completion equipment
  • Bearing, Seals, Power transmission products, Lubricants
  • Rotary pumps, Diaphragm, Screw Pumps etc
  • Electric motor, Inverters, UPS, Sensors etc
  • Hand, Power and Cutting tools
  • Contractors, Breakers, Actuators, Gear switches, PLC, PAC, Drives etc
  • Process monitoring software and hardware
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic products
  • Automation cables, Heat resistant cables, Water resistant cables, Special purpose cables
  • Process automation sensors, Automatic identification products, Sensors etc
  • Drilling mud chemicals

Our Projects

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